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CCTV technology today offers impressive options at prices to suit most budgets - perhaps it's time to protect your property?
A camera for every purpose

From nanny cams and door bells, to highly effective anti-intrusion systems with 24/7 video capture to the cloud - video surveillance technology today comes in a very wide range of shapes and forms

Affordable systems now offer features that may well include:

Warning CCTV Sign
  • Fully weatherproof
  • WiFi, wired network (POE) or 4G (mobile network data SIM card) connectivity
  • Up to 4K (12MP) video
  • 24/7 video capture to the cloud
  • Reduced false positive motion/vehicle detection and motion zones
  • Real-time intruder notifications to your smartphone (or other device)
  • Live monitor multiple cameras (on any device)
  • Pan, tilt & zoom (PTZ)
  • Auto tracking
  • Two-way audio
  • Night vision
  • Spotlight
  • Sound an alarm
Let's Talk
After a thorough process of determining the best solutions and equipment for your budget and purposes, we'll put together a shopping list for the necessary items for delivery to you with a major online retailer

We'll then return, install and configure the cameras, supporting equipment, and applications - and spend as much time with you as you choose going over usage

After a period of time with the cameras in operation, you may find it useful to have us visit again - to answer questions and to iron out any wrinkles that may have arisen

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Ad Hoc Rates
Hourly (on-site/remote)
Per quarter hour €10
From the second hour of a session, per quarter hour €7.50
Travelling Time (round trip)
Mazarrón, Camposol, Paretón, Morata, etc. No Charge
Per quarter hour over 30 minutes €7.50
Minimum Charge Per Occasion (travelling time extra)
On Location €30
Remote €20
Plus IVA

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